Prints For Sale - Capture The Shot Photography

All of Capture The Shot's prints are printed by a professional lab and drop shipped directly to the customer. All pieces can be ordered by calling or emailing Capture The Shot Photography directly. All art prints are cropped to fit specific dimensions and cannot be printed on media that do not match those dimensions (i.e. a piece that is cropped for a 1:2 ratio will not fit on an 8x10 media, too much of the picture would be cropped out, but it will fit on a 6x12 media). Some pieces can be upgraded to different styles, frames, papers, etc. Please don't hesitate to give us a call to see if we can accommodate your needs with a particular piece. Here at Capture The Shot, we believe art should be affordable. We do not do "Limited Editions" and we do not charge astronomical prices for our prints. We believe that art should be within reach of everybody's budget. We want our art to be hanging on as many walls as possible so everyone can enjoy their beauty.

To order Art Prints, please call 1-805-210-2532 or email us at